Water turbidity sensor

Water turbidity sensor

Water turbidity sensor

Water turbidity sensor

Introducing our highly advanced and reliable Water Turbidity Sensor, designed to provide users with fast and accurate measurements of water turbidity. Whether used in drinking water sources, wastewater treatment plants, environmental monitoring, or other water quality testing applications, our Water Turbidity Sensor delivers robust data support.

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About water turbidity sensor

Water turbidity sensor

water turbidity sensor description

Our Water Turbidity Sensor is a state-of-the-art device designed to accurately measure the turbidity of water. It is an essential tool for a wide range of applications, including water quality monitoring, environmental assessment, industrial processes, and research studies.

key features of our water turbidity sensor

High-precision Measurement: The water quality sensor utilizes advanced optical technology, ensuring high-precision turbidity measurements for accurate data representation.

Fast Response: With rapid response time, the sensor provides real-time updates of turbidity values, allowing users to obtain the latest water quality information promptly.

turbidity sensor

water turbidity sensor parameters

Parameter name: Parameter content
DC power supply: 12-24V DC
Power consumption: ≤0.15W (@12V DC, 25°C)
Measurement accuracy: Turbidity: +5% or +3NTU (0~1000NTU)
+3% or +2NTU (0~100NTU)
Turbidity range: 0-100NTU/0-1000NTU/0-4000NTU
Turbidity resolution: 0.1NTU
Working temperature environment: 0~50°C
Storage temperature: -5~65°C
Repeatability: +0.5%
Probe size: 70mm*20mm (length*diameter)
Installation method: Immersion installation, 3/4NPT thread
light source: 860nm
Response time T90: 60s (room temperature)

Water turbidity sensor

How does water turbidity sensor work?

The water sensor operates based on cutting-edge optical principles. Equipped with a highly sensitive photosensitive component and precision optical filters, it can accurately capture the scattered light signals from small particles suspended in water. By measuring the degree of light scattering, the sensor calculates real-time turbidity values and outputs the results digitally. The sensor has a wide measurement range and resolution, catering to different levels of water turbidity detection requirements.

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Water turbidity sensor
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