Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter


Portable dissolved oxygen analyzer (determinator) is mainly used in laboratories, aquariums, aquatic product breeding, rice fields, swimming pools, etc. It is specially designed for the convenience of users to carry to the scene. The portable dissolved oxygen analyzer can be divided into two parts: the sensor and the electronic unit. The sensor adopts a tube-type coated dissolved oxygen electrode. The electronic unit is composed of high integrated circuits. The instrument uses a liquid crystal display, which can actually measure the dissolved oxygen, temperature, salt content and other values.


Portable dissolved oxygen detector
Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter 4

(1) Highly sensitive waterproof probe dissolved oxygen and temperature compensation combo/default shipping line length 3m (5m/10m optional).
(2) Automatic temperature compensation, the temperature will have a certain impact on the measurement, such as higher accuracy requirements, greater impact, temperature compensation can weaken this impact.
(3) High-definition large-screen display, intuitive data display, large viewing angle, clear handwriting, moderate character size, can clearly respond to backlight and high-light daytime use, quickly view values, and accurate data.


Portable dissolved oxygen detector is widely used in agriculture, industry (power plant, petrochemical, metallurgical Electronics), aquaculture, scientific research, biological fermentation, medical treatment, food and beverage, environmental water treatment and other fields.

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Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter 5
Water quality quick tester
Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter 6

Technical Parameters:

Platform versionStandard editionProfessional Edition
Accessible equipment1-4 ModBus device combination1-4 ModBus device combination
Letter of agreementModBus serial
communication protocol
ModBus serial
brcommunication protocol
Display DataEquipment raw dataEquipment raw data
Operating temperature-20°C-50°C-20°C-50°C
Working humidity<90%RH non-condensing<90%RH non-condensing
Power supplyDC4.5V/3 section,7# Dry battery12V DC charging,
2500mAh (standard) lithium battery
Display method2.8 Backlight digital tube display2.8 inch LCD screen
Communication methodUSB (read, see DB9 interface for
details information)
Data storage4MB storage space (standard)
Charging time≤4H (standard configuration)
Size170* 78* 29mm203* 100* 36mm

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